Many a friendship, long, loyal, and self-sacrificing, rested at first on no thicker a foundation than a kind word. -Frederick William Faber

Friendship is hard. Friendship is a complex, living, breathing animal that can shape your life in unexpected and unimaginable ways. Nothing feels better than a friend being there for you when you need someone the most. Nothing feels worse than a friend’s betrayal. The highs and the lows of friendship don’t stop the moment you graduate high school. In fact, as the lines between work and play blur, making and maintaining friendships becomes an integral part of our lives.

Yet as connected as the world is, thanks to the Internet, smart phones, and social media, we’ve never seen a time when people are lonelier. A simple Google search reveals a plethora of websites, courses, and self-help books all aimed at helping you make friends. Especially after 30. We have less time, more distractions, less energy, and more responsibilities as our lives move from college exploration to full-fledged adulthood.

The truth is that most of us wish we had more friends, were better friends, or at least knew more people. Read More